Luther the movie: a reformation commemoration

Engage the local community with Luther


In the lead-up to the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, for the first time church groups will be able to stage public screenings of the acclaimed 2003 film Luther.

As a community engagement project backed by its 50.500 initiative, the LCA has negotiated distribution rights for Australia and New Zealand to make the Luther DVD available for single-use public screenings of the movie, provided these are free to the public.

For $55 you can receive a single-use, non-theatrical screening right for your congregation or facility. You will also receive a copy of the DVD, access to posters and promotional images, and a guide for using the DVD to connect with your local community.

How can my congregation or agency be involved?

Simply have a read of the community engagement guide and register your interest . You will be prompted to enter a screening date when you register – this date is only a guide for your suggested screening and can be updated to the actual screening date later on in your planning.

You can advertise your screening with the following posters:

Full poster

Customisable poster (36.8MB)

Customisable poster (reduced size file) (28.9MB)



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