Longest Lutheran Lunch

What would a Lutheran year in Australia or New Zealand be without a Longest Lutheran Lunch offering a warm ‘You’re Welcome!’ to our friends and neighbours? In a relatively short space of time, it’s become (dare we say it?) … a tradition.


Since its humble beginning seven years ago we’ve seen Longest Lutheran Lunch offer hospitality as far away as the US and Canada and even South Sudan. Of course there have also been hundreds and hundreds of Longest Lutheran Lunch events held by New Zealand and Australian congregations, schools and other communities. The variety and creativity of them is endless.

To our Longest Lutheran Lunch we invite and welcome people who may not feel comfortable joining us for worship but are happy to connect with us in a social setting. You know people like that: friends, family members, neighbours, work mates. Longest Lutheran Lunch is for them. It is also a way for people to re-connect with us if they’ve been away from our community for a while. We know you’ll make them feel loved and welcome.

This year, Longest Lutheran Lunch will be running under the 50.500 banner. We’ll be encouraging you to use the theme, Service. Think about ways your lunch can be an outreach into your community, a service event. Over the coming months we’ll put some ideas here on the 50.500 website. Please send us your ideas, too. We want to encourage each other to consider how our congregations and communities can be places where people see God’s love coming to life.

This year’s Longest Lutheran Lunch will be on Sunday 30 October, the closest Sunday to Reformation Day, 31 October. As always though, you are free to hold your Longest Lutheran Lunch whenever it suits you and your events calendar best. Tag it with an existing event or create something entirely new. Visit the website to keep up to date with all that’s happening.

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The first Longest Lutheran Lunch for 2016 has taken place, you can read about it here


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