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50.500 is focusing on projects that will contribute to building our future church. That includes activities, events and programs at the local congregation and school level, and also church-wide projects organised by the Lutheran Church of Australia and its departments and agencies.

There will be three national projects running under the 50.500 initiative throughout this synodical term, 2015-2018:

  • Cultivate Leadership
  • Listening to Indigenous Voices
  • Resource Development for Congregations.

GROW Leadership

Cultivating young leaders….

Following the overwhelmingly positive response to the National Youth Forum held in April last year, Grow Ministries was invited to develop a new training initiative. This initiative will provide continuing and sustainable leadership development for young adults of the Lutheran Church of Australia that includes a regular National Youth Forum and Christian formational leadership training.

Beginning in January 2017, the Grow Leadership Program will require a part-time commitment for 11 months.

We are looking for 12 young adults from across the LCA to participate as well as six young adults from our International Mission partners.

What’s involved?

  • A part-time commitment for a period of 11 months
  • Two face-to-face intensives
  • Intensive 1 18-25 Jan, 2017 | Intensive 2 4-10 Dec, 2017 (Dates TBC)
  • Participation in a ‘Stretch and Grow’ experience to Cambodia
  • 29 June—10 July, 2017 (Dates TBC)
  • Regular one-on-one mentoring
  • Minimum of 18 hours of local congregational leadership

Our goals for participants….

  • To experience a mentored and reflective faith adventure.
  • To grow and be renewed in the gospel (head, heart and hands).
  • Empowered to become leaders by equipping them with skills to help them contribute to the church and the wider community.
  • Have a deeper knowledge and understanding of Lutheran theology and how it can contribute to identity and make sense of life and the world.
  • Opportunity to experience the ministries of the LCA and how they complement the ministry of Districts.
  • To develop a sense of pride in our Church.
  • Discover and understand Christian vocation in the world.
  • To grow relationships across the generations.
  • To connect deeply with their local faith community.


$2000 – We encourage participants to seek support via sponsorship and fundraising through their congregation and personal networks.



Spaces are limited! Applications close Monday 31 October, 2016.

Invitation postcards are available from the Grow Ministries office – please email

If you would like to receive a participant information pack please contact:

GROW Leadership Coordinator Vicki Rochow


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