Luther’s Walk – Auckland

5 October 2017 New Zealand News

Written by Visse Hopley, Member of Auckland Mountainside Coungregation, NZ

Luther’s Walk on Sunday 17th September took us first to the doors of the Wittenberg castle church, where we were confronted by an insistent person offering to sell us indulgences for any number of sins – past, present or future. On the doors were nailed Luther’s 95 statements of faith, and we were challenged to think about what we stand for in our faith today.

Continuing the walk, we stopped at the Translation Station and reflected on how precious it is to own and read a Bible in our own language. At the Printing Press we learned how the invention of the printing press in 1440 enabled the spread of Luther’s writings.

Moving on to Katie’s Corner, we met Martin’s beloved wife Katie – Katharina von Bora – and learned of the legacy she left to the church. In Luther’s Lounge we viewed a pictorial history of the Reformation, and the Prayer Room gave a quiet space to pray and meditate. The Kids’ Corner provided a play space for the children.

A Reformation Lead-light window in the foyer highlighted the three founding principles of the Reformation; that we are saved by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone. At a craft table we could make our own Luther’s Rose, the seal designed by Martin Luther. The Art Space Reformation Triptych invited the artists to think about the impact of the Reformation, past, present and future.

Before the walk we had been nourished by a simple meal of tasty soup and bread, followed by a celebratory chocolate cake.

The afternoon’s “walk” was relaxed, informative, thought-provoking and a pleasure to take part in. Through these Reformation 500 experiences we continue to learn more, and be amazed at the life, work and influence of Martin Luther.

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